Hyperink.com Question of the Month

Hyperink.com Question of the Month

3) What makes a compelling character in a book or movie?

A compelling character, in a book or a movie, is a character to which the reader or viewer can relate. This does not imply that the character resembles or is perceived as resembling the reader or viewer but only that some form of connection between them can be made. Readers and viewers must be able to recognize some quality in the character that they admire or, alternatively, detest. This ensures that love or hate, the character makes an impact. Likewise, the character being portrayed can also be experiencing something that the reader or the viewer can relate to such as suffering through tragedy or achieving some type of victory. In essence, all good characters either have some heroic quality or a tragic flaw (or both) and experience or overcome some form of hardship through to the story’s ultimate denouement.

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