Professional resumes are $149.00 and professionally composed CVs (curriculum vitae) are $199.00 and can be ordered with a 5 day turnaround (rush is available but there is a premium charge for this). Resumes and CVs are the critical first step in obtaining that all-important first interview. They get your foot in the door so to speak. Resumes and CVs provide recruiters, interviewers and other parties their first impression of you in whatever field you are targeting.

Additionally, the vast majority of resumes and CVs are now scanned into corporate databases of some type and are commonly searched by keyword in order to reduce scanning time by professionals. Thus, resumes and CVs must be concise, focused on the specific position being applied for and include a mix of keywords that match the needs of the organization in question. Finally, fancy formatting and font types are definitely out as many special formatting and fonts interfere with the scanning process as resumes and CVs are scanned into those corporate databases. Remember the KISS principle and let us do your resume or CV and get a complimentary cover letter with your order!

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