White Papers

We offer White Papers for $495 that are original, deeply researched and authoritative in virtually any industry and field. Our writers use only the most respectable research databases such as LexisNexis, EBSCO, Proquest, JSTOR and Emerald, among others. Additionally, other important government and industry sources are included where appropriate. White papers, if utilized correctly, are guaranteed to improve your firm’s reputation in the industry as well as your marketing strategy’s effectiveness.  White papers are important documents in politics, business and the education and technical fields. They typically address a specific issue or development in a given industry. They describe how an issue or development affects the industry or field and how industry participants can take advantage of it. In terms of marketing, white papers are extremely useful as they indicate that your firm or individuals in your firm are experts in their fields. Finally, they also translate well into online marketing because they can be indexed by search engines, posted in online forums and databases and used as a sales tool among other important applications.

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